What child wouldn’t like a ride On Bike? the realistic and elegant design of this ride on Bike will make your children stare in awe!

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and opulence in your Child’s ride on BIKE then this is it. This amazing dual-drive electric motorcycle has battery that can easily be charged to provide your little boy or girl with hours of uninterrupted driving-around fun!, rubber tires and room for a friend. Your toddler can drive themselves. This is a great bike for a household that is available for all kids. Step away from the usual gifts and get something different, a motorcycle ride, the ultimate child’s toy. Scroll below and see more  reasons why your kids, kids at heart included, will benefit from and enjoy a motorcycle ride.

AGE 1 TO 6 YEARS #120,000


  • Suitable Age: 1-6 Years
  • Battery: Battery 12V
  • Charging Time; 4 Hours
  • Material: Metal and Epoxy Coated

Package Includes: Motorx1, Charger


  1. On/Off Power Switch
  2. forward and Back Switch
  3. Electrical pedal
  4. Dual drive
  5. Head light
  6. Rechargeable battery
  7. Music and Bluetooth
  8. Horn button 


  • Your child can cruise around the neighborhood in style
  • It helps in both brain and physical exercise
  • Ride on bike helps to develop your childs biking skills 
  • It will be the most used toy in their collection
  • It gets them outdoors
  • Turn your kids into explorer

Have Older Kids ? Then 3-10yrs Is What You Should Go for

Let us start by mentioning that this is the biggest powerbike in the market. Our top recommendation for kids between the ages of 3 – 10 years. Not only is it the biggest, it is also the most powerful Powerbike with is dual motor drive. It handles even the heaviest of kids really well and can tackle the toughest terrain. 

Aside it’s sturdy build, this Premium Powerbike also brings lots of entertainment to the table. With its MP3 music functionality, your baby can listen to music while riding.

One of its special features includes the illuminated wheels, which has a ring of light around it and comes on once the music is on. The full headlights and rear lights are also functional.

For control, there is a forward and reverse gear switch which helps your baby to switch movement direction, while the electric foot pedal helps to provide acceleration.

The fun never stops as this Premium Powerbike is equipped with a rechargeable twin 12V batteries which ensures longer play time. A charging adapter is also included in the package.


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