Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer gift wrapping services?

Yes, we offer gift wrapping services for all purchases. Our expert gift wrappers will ensure that your gift is beautifully wrapped with attention to detail, making it even more special.

What types of artisanal goods do you sell?

At Charming Treasures, we specialize in curating a delightful selection of locally sourced artisanal goods. Our range includes handcrafted jewelry, unique home decor, gourmet foods, and lush houseplants. Each item is carefully chosen to provide our customers with a truly memorable and charming shopping experience.

Can I return or exchange a gift?

We understand that sometimes gifts may not be the perfect fit. If you need to return or exchange a gift, please bring it back to our store within 30 days of purchase, along with the original receipt. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find an alternative or provide a refund.

How do you support local artisans and promote sustainable consumption?

We are passionate about supporting the talented artisans in the Bay Area and promoting sustainable consumption. We actively seek out local artisans and feature their handcrafted goods in our store. By purchasing these products, you are not only supporting the local economy, but also making an eco-friendly choice. We believe that every purchase can make a positive impact.